Welcome to the JING Kids

     Chinese After-School Program,
                             and Spring & Summer Camps!


Welcome to the JING Kids

Summer Camps

Independent weeks, June 10 - August 2, 2024

Flexible Schedule options available, including
partial days and/or partial weeks
8am - 6pm.

Nature Walk

JING Kids have all sorts of different activities 8am-6pm, including:

Nature Walks

S.T.E.M. and Language Arts

Chinese Language

Wushu (Kung Fu)

Culture, Arts, & Crafts

Chinese Painting

Click here to download the Summer Camps Registration form.

Please call or email to schedule a tour!

You can also email us at info@JINGinstitute.com to join our mailing list and
receive all the latest updates.



JING Kids 2024-2025
After-School Program

Do you know what your kids are doing after school in the 2024-2025 school year?

Let them come to JING!

At JING, our goal is to give kids the mental, physical, emotional, and linguistic skills necessary to reach their goals, whatever their goals may be. (And to keep our students safe. Safety first!)

Towards that end, every one of our JING Kids is scheduled for one Chinese Language (Mandarin) class and one Wushu (KungFu) class every day, and families can add STEAM Electives as they desire and schedules allow.

JING Kids 2024-2025 After-School Program

Including complimentary after-school pick-up from

Miramar Ranch Elementary,
Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary,
Dingeman Elementary,
Jerabek Elementary, and
Marshall Middle School.

Download the Registration packet from this link, complete the packet, scan, and email it to info@JINGinstitute.com. Ms. Jing Jing will send you the Tuition Sheet and explain how it works :)

Space is very limited, so register now!

Please email info@JINGinstitute.com with any questions or concerns and with your completed Registration Packet!





We are pleased to share with you the JING Kids Chinese After-School Program (and Camps!), a worthwhile alternative to daycare.

We created this program with our own children in mind -- no matter what our children choose to do in the future, we want them to have the mental, physical, emotional, and linguistic skills to do it. We want them to learn the skills they will need to succeed in a global market and in an interconnected world. We want to empower our children to have bright futures.

And we provide Free Pick-Up from most Scripps Ranch Schools!

Please read About our school and What We Teach to our young students, check up on our Schedule, and learn about our Instructors; then call or email to register your child! Please remember, our focus is to teach Chinese language and culture, as well as character building; we are an alternative to daycare, and not a daycare facility.


Jing Jing Evans & Laura Stegner

Writing Chinese Characters Exploring Chinese Calligraphy

Wushu for Kids


Photos are on the JING Kids Facebook.

If you are a current member of JING Kids, please ask to join the JING Kids Private Group to see your child's photos!


Little Dragon

Free After-School Pick-Up!

Schools are in session and on-site! JING provides complimentary After-School Pick-Up from the following schools:

Miramar Ranch Elementary
Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary
Dingeman Elementary
Jerabek Elementary
Marshall Middle School

Space is limited, however, so please call and register now.

If you do not see your child's school on this list, please call us at 858-578-8267 and ask if we can pick up your child, as well.



Let's Get Started!

Whether you and your child are new to the Chinese Culture or are native speakers from the Shaolin Temple, here at JING we want to make sure you get off to the right start and constantly improve in every way.

Below are some quick links to help you get started at JING:

Contact JING

Phone (858) 578-8267 or
email info@JINGinstitute.com


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Wushu for Kids at JING

JING Kids singing

Art at JING

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