JING Kids Academic Support and After-School Care Schedule

(subject to change)


  • Open 8am - 6pm Daily, Monday-Friday

    Doors Open, Academic Support begins: 8am
    Academic Support ends, Recess/Pick-Up (unless enrolled in After-School: 2:30-3pm
    Chinese Language / Wushu: 3pm
    Wushu / Chinese Language: 4pm
    Free Time and Parent Pickup: 5pm
    Program Ends: 6pm

    Recess and Outdoor Play-Times: as Zooms allow

JING Kids Safe Summer/Sring Camp Daily Schedule

(subject to change)


  • Open 8am - 6pm Daily, Monday-Friday
    Math: 10:30-11am and 3:30-4pm
    Chinese Language: 9-10am
    Chinese Culture and Arts: 11am-12noon
    Wushu: 1-2pm
    Science: 2-3pm
    Language Arts: 4-5pm
    Snacks and Play-Times: 10am, noon, and 3pm

JING Kids After-School Daily Schedule

(during normal on-site school is open)(subject to change)


The 2020-2021 School Year Calendar




Spring and Summer and Winter Camps

...have been wonderful! Please see our pictures and video on our Facebook Page. Better yet, email info@JINGinstitute.com to be invited to the closed JING Kids Facebook Group where we post pictures of your kids!

Spring Camp and Summer Camps will open for registration in January-February each year. Please check our Main Page, or email info@JINGinstitute.com.

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