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JING Kids 2020-2021

Academic Support Care Program and

After-School Care Program

Weekly, starting August 31, 2020

On August 10, 2020, San Diego Unified School District officials announced they were making preparations to get children back in schools, but were looking at a timeline of "months, not weeks," before that could become a reality.

SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten said, "...this is not yet the right time to begin a phased reopening, but our schools will be ready when that time comes."

JING Kids continues to monitor school districts and Health Agencies for more information. We are using all information available to help your children learn in a safe and comfortable environment.


What can we do as parents?

Well... JING Kids has a program to help families during this crisis.

JING Kids 2020-2021 Academic Support Care Program and
After-School Care Program

Weekly, starting August 31, 2020

We know that many of you struggled to teach your children while working from home last spring; some have returned to work sites and need a place to teach and care for your children during working hours. No one wants their children to fall behind in school and miss out on important academic knowledge and skills! Whatever our children choose to do in the future, we want to provide them with the academic, social, emotional, physical, and linguistic skills to do it.

At JING, we have had great success in our Summer Camps with advancing our students' academic levels; our Summer Kids have measuredly progressed in Math, in Language Arts, and in Science. We are prepared to do the same this Fall.


Math Science Language Arts     Wushu Splits


JING Kids Academic Support Care Program:

From 8am to 2:30pm, Monday-Friday, we are here to help students stay on-task and on-schedule with school-dictated academic programs, and to provide them with a safe, physically-distanced social environment with their peers in which to learn.

All academics will be overseen by Mrs. Laura Stegner, our BCLAD Credentialed teacher.


JING Kids After-School Care Program:

From 2:30pm - 6pm, Monday-Friday we will also be providing on-site After-School Care, including Wushu and Chinese Language classes, modified so that we can follow all State and County Health Guidelines.



Download the Registration packet from this link, complete the packet, scan, and email it to info@JINGinstitute.com. Space is very limited due to Health Guidelines.


Health & Safety Guidelines:

Health & Safety Guidelines include small cohorts, physical distancing, frequent sanitizing of spaces, face coverings, etc... If any Health and Safety Guidelines change, JING Kids will adjust accordingly.


Please email info@JINGinstitute.com with any questions or concerns and with your completed Registration Packet!



JING Kids Safe Summer Camps

June 15 - August 21, 2020

Catch Up,
              Get Ahead,
Gain an Edge this Summer!

Beat the Summer Slide, catch up on Academics from the last 3 months, and get your child ready, and competitive, for the next grade!

This is also a great opportunity for your kids to see and interact with their classmates in a safe, clean, monitored environment.

JING is carefully following all San Diego County Guidelines for the health and safety of our students and staff.


JING Kids will have daily lessons in:

Math, Science, and Language Arts

JING will give each student an Academic Assessment, then teach each child what he or she needs to get on target with CA State Standards in Math, Science, and Language Arts.

California-credentialed teacher Mrs. Laura Stegner will be overseeing all academic classes.

Chinese Language

Let your children learn Chinese through songs and games, with their peers! JING Kids learn the foundations of Chinese writing, and practice conversation with their teacher and each other. Chinese language classes are structured within the framework of the American Council of Foreign Language Teachers and are overseen by Mrs. Jing Jing.

Wushu (Kung Fu)

Wushu classes train students' stamina and strength as well as their agility, flexibility, and coordination; the skills that students learn in Wushu are easily transferred over to other sports and performance arts, and transferred forwards to the JING Kids Performance Team. JING will have physically-distanced Wushu classes every day.

Culture, Arts, & Crafts

Daily Arts & Crafts and Culture classes give students a window into the history of the greater world, an artistic outlet, and a fun opportunity to play and create next to their peers.


    Chinese Calligraphy
Download our Safe Summer camps Registration Form here! Register for JING Kids

Please email info@JINGinstitute.com to join our mailing list and
receive all the latest updates.




We are pleased to share with you the JING Kids Chinese After-School Program (and Camps!), a worthwhile alternative to daycare.

We created this program with our own children in mind -- no matter what our children choose to do in the future, we want them to have the mental, physical, emotional, and linguistic skills to do it. We want them to learn the skills they will need to succeed in a global market and in an interconnected world. We want to empower our children to have bright futures.

And we provide Free Pick-Up from most Scripps Ranch Schools!

Please read About our school and What We Teach to our young students, check up on our Schedule, and learn about our Instructors; then call or email to register your child! Please remember, our focus is to teach Chinese language and culture, as well as character building; we are an alternative to daycare, and not a daycare facility.


Jing Jing Evans & Laura Stegner

Writing Chinese Characters Exploring Chinese Calligraphy

Wushu for Kids


What's Happening at JING Kids?

Academic Support Care Program and After-School Care Program 2020-2021

JING is still carefully following news from the San Diego Unified School Disctrict and from the San Diego County Health Department. In response to schools staying virtual for an unforseeable amount of time, JING is now offering an Academic Support Care Program 8am-2:30pm and an After-School Care Program 2:30pm-6pm. Please download the Registration Form and email it back to us - space is very limited.


Safe Summer Camps 2020

JING is carefully following the San Diego County Health and Safety Orders to make sure that your children stay safe while learning all of their academics, practice the most widely-spoken language in the world (Chinese!), exercise vigorously, be creative, and have fun. Join the JING Kids Safe Summer Camps 2020!


The 2019-2020 School Year was sadly brought to an early close, but... Virtual JING rose!

Though the school year had to come to an early, unexpected end in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19, we here at JING haven't stopped teaching or learning!

We have moved our Chinese Language program online, and are now working on building a stable virtual school for all of our students, year-round. Stay tuned.

We are also preparing to open again as soon as Scripps Ranch Schools are allowed to open, and will again offer our successful Mathwerks and Bits Programs; we will continue studying Electricity in our Bots programs so that our students can do hands-on experiments generating electricity, using some of the primary tools that engineers use to control the flow of electricity, and making cool and useful things with the help of electricity!

Photos are on the JING Kids Facebook.

If you are a current member of JING Kids, please ask to join the JING Kids Private Group to see your child's photos!


Little Dragon

JING is here for you!

In this time of Coronavirus, we at JING are doing everything we can to provide parents with a safe place for their children to learn: during normal school hours and during after-school hours.

Please download our Academic Support Care Program Registration Form to learn more and Register!

JING is also still offering an After-School Care Program: Chinese Language and Wushu Classes. Don't let Coronavirus stall your child's physical and linguistic development!

Please register early, as cohort sizes are small and space is limited.

Free After-School Pick-Up!

When schools are in session and on-site, JING provides free After-School Pick-Up from the following schools:

Miramar Ranch Elementary
Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary
Dingeman Elementary
Jerabek Elementary
Marshall Middle School

Space is limited, however, so please call and register now!

If you do not see your child's school on this list, please call us at 858-578-8267 and ask if we can pick up your child, as well.



Let's Get Started!

Whether you and your child are new to the Chinese Culture or are native speakers from the Shaolin Temple, here at JING we want to make sure you get off to the right start and constantly improve in every way.

Below are some quick links to help you get started at JING:

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