Directors of JING Kids

We started the JING Kids Chinese After-School Program with our own children in mind, so we strive to provide the very highest quality instruction possible! Here are the people behind the Program.

Chinese Instructors of JING Kids

At JING, we find compassionate, caring, and qualified Mandarin Chinese teachers, and give them the best Chinese Language Curriculum available.

Wushu Instructors and Assistant Instructors of JING Kids

JING provides not only cultural training, but also high-level physical training! We pride ourselves on teaching each child at his or her own level, and increasing each child's flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and agility; all of which increases physical and social confidence.

The JING Wushu curriculum includes Wushu Fundamentals, Wushu Barehand and Weapons Forms, and Basic Acrobatics for Wushu.


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