with Woman Grandmaster
Nino Khomeriki
at JING Kids!


FIDE Woman Grandmaster Nino Khomeriki is coming to San Diego! She will be teaching chess for one week only, Nov 13-17, 2023 at the JING Institute / JING Kids.

  • Who is Coach Nino?

    Coach Nino is a professional chess player and chess coach from the country of Georgia. She was the European Youth Chess Champion of 2015 and 2016, and has been a FIDE Woman Grandmaster since 2019.

    Utilizing the power of the internet, she coaches students all over the world; and she teaches chess classes to children in her hometown of Tbilisi. She has been coaching Chris M of JING for over 2 years and has improved his lichess rating (an unofficial rating earned through gameplay, often used to approximate a player’s FIDE rating) by almost 800 points.

    She will be vacationing in San Diego this November, and has generously offered to donate her afternoons to help improve youth chess here at JING.

  • How do I register? When are classes?

    JING is currently accepting registrations for Group Classes (50 minutes) and Private Lessons (20 minutes). Space is very limited. Classes and lessons will be filled on a first-registered, first-reserved basis. All classes and lessons will be held between 3 and 6pm, Monday-Friday, the week of November 13th at JING.

    Coach Nino is donating her vacation time to teach, so we feel it is only fair to donate something, as well! To complete your Registration, please donate to a charity of your choice, then submit the receipt and a completed JING Chess Registration Form to JING.

    To reserve your student’s spot in all appropriate Group Classes, please donate a minimum of $20.

    For both Group Class(es) and a Private Lesson*, please donate a minimum of $45.

    If you already have a favorite charity, please donate to them; if you do not yet have a favorite, we recommend:
    • The World Wildlife Fund
    • American Friends of Georgia

    We will publish the detailed Chess Classes and Lessons schedule during the week of October 23rd, when we have a better sense of how many group classes we can arrange of each level and how many private lesson times to set aside.

    For the time being, please register now and block out 3-6pm, Monday-Friday the week of November 13th!

    Please download the JING Chess Registration Form here.

  • Disclaimers

    Coach Nino will be traveling from Tbilisi, Georgia. This trip hinges on her being able travel internationally and receiving all the necessary documentation necessary to enter the United States.

    If for any reason Coch Nino is unable to come to San Diego, neither Coach Nino nor JING are obligated to provide chess lessons or to reimburse your charity donation.

    Additionally, if a student registers late and there are no available group or private lessons remaining, neither Coach Nino nor JING are obligated to provide chess lessons outside of available times or reimburse any charity donation previously made.

We look forward to your improvements in chess!

*Students may reserve one Private Lesson at first; if there are additional available lesson times, they will be released November 6th.

FIDE Woman Grandmaster Nino Khomeriki
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